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August 9 2004

The Tucson Watergardeners awards grant to Schumacher Elementary School


     On Thursday, 5 August, on behalf of The Tucson Watergardeners, I was happy to present their check for the first installment of an approved $1500 TTW Grant to the Principal and the Environmental "Habitat" Coordinator of Schumaker Elementary School. Their project will include a preformed pond, small water fountain/feature, seating benches/rocks and tables for students to enjoy in an outdoor pond setting, as well as suitable xeric plants. Member surplus/donated plants and fish will provide the LIFE for the pond. 

     Additional plans call for 6 small indoor "tub gardens" for individualized winter group study


Ed Campbell presenting check to Ms. Julie Laird, Principal and Environmental Center Head, Ms. Laura Jauch.



Ms. Jauch and Habitat Coordinator __________ with groundbreaking team third graders Scott, Abby and Samantha 

This before picture shows the proposed pond location at the North side of the school which is visible from the roadway entering and leaving the school grounds. The large hole was dug by a parent volunteer last year and is inside the fenced, outdoor, environmental 'classroom' at Schumaker. The area also has planting beds, a native plant display garden, a wall of children's art and will soon have a hummingbird garden.


The groundbreaking "team" removes the FIRST large weed to signify the start of the project. The Habitat Coordinator and her third grade class will be doing most of the labor (with some assistance from parents and other volunteers.)

We will periodically visit the site to provide supplemental
advice/assistance to the group obtain project updates and more pictures!

Congratulations!    From:

and it's membership!

Ed Campbell, Vice President The Tucson Watergardeners



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