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Snake and Toad avoidance training 

Plants of the Sonoran Region 

City of Tucson and Pima County lists and information 

Good Plants

Plants native to streams and wetlands of southwestern United States.


Bad Plants-  Non native aquatic species list:

Plants that are currently causing problems in Arizona

Plants with Apparent Limited Distribution and Weedy Potential

Species of Concern Being Sold in Arizona, But Not Established in the Wild

Introduced Plant Species, But Not Causing Problems

Species Of Concern in Other States, Not Yet Introduced to Arizona

Other plants that are not native to the Southwestern United States that currently are causing damage to native species or pose a potential threat to native species if introduced:

Bad Plants-  Non native invasive



For more information on invasive water plants visit these web sites:

Arizona Noxious Weeds List http://agriculture.state.az.us

Federal Noxious Weeds List http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ppq/weeds/noxwdsa.html

US National Plant List (database) http://plants.usda.gov

To report violations of Prohibited plant sales:

Dr. Ed Northham AZ Dept. of Agric. 602-542-3309 ed.northam@agric.state.az.us


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