Introducing -

The Field Trips Page

For now a scrap book collection of images that have been submitted to the site to share. Thank you again to all.

Idea - to show submitted images or video links of frogs or toads in their habitats. Any habitat, any region, any country.  Then using a global mapping service you will be able to go to the exact coordinates for each set of images when GPS data is provided. Otherwise you will be able to go to the general area.

Requested images and information:

  1. Image - Overall location with description
  2. Image - Specific location with description
  3. Images - Subject, as many as you like
  4. Info - As much as you want to provide about general or specific habitat you found submitted hopper
  5. GPS coordinates would be ideal 

Would like to see this as an interactive page. If anyone has any ideas, please email 

Now on to the images-

Gathered sights and sounds that have been sent in:

Thank you all

From near the West Branch  - Baby Southern Spadefoot 

bill singleton

lat 3212'15.15"N

long 11059'19.07"W


click images to see full size

Southeast Tucson - looks to be a female loaded with egg, and a sparing partner?

 leopardPG.JPG (636999 bytes) pam glenn




Ravenshoe Queensland, Australia

Orange Thighed Tree frog   wpe1.jpg (34747 bytes) 

wpe2.jpg (29376 bytes) jennifer browne 




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