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Tucson Residents: Sent in photos 

Other pond visitors (furry, feathered or hoofed)

 Helpful hint for identification- Enter scientific name in your search engine for images..

List of Tucson area frogs and toads in descending order from most prominent:

Submitted images Name  Listen to the amphibian - click the - RIBIT  Distribution
Scaphiopus couchii  Couch’s Spadefoot     
couchii001.jpg (40002 bytes)

j evenson UofA extension



Hear me local recording

Ribit other

CouchiWinterhavenopt.jpg (182034 bytes)

N 32 degrees 16.130'
W110 degrees 55.689'
Elevation: 2426 ft.

melissa evers Winterhaven 

wpe1.jpg (47016 bytes)

pima county fair grounds

dennis caldwell 

Bufo cognatus 

Great Plains Toad 

 frogsong- www.naturenorth.com

frogsong other - ribit


pima county fair grounds

dennis caldwell 

scaphiopus multiplicatus

Mexican (or Southern) Spadefoot 

bufo alvarius Sonoran Desert (or Colorado River) Toad    
644C8765opt.jpg (44306 bytes)

west branch




SonoranRToadopt.jpg (165827 bytes)

casey manson


Uncommon to Tucson basin proper but will be found in and around the mountains:

Submitted images Name Song


wpe3.jpg (27063 bytes)

I10 & 22nd 

dennis caldwell

Red-spotted Toad Bufo punctatus   ribit
644C8749bopt.jpg (43419 bytes) Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad  Gastrophryne olivacea

This particular fellow was found at West Branch



Tanque Verde Canyon

dennis caldwell

Canyon Treefrog Hyla arenicolor ribit

USGS chorus

Rarer: But possibly making a come back in the case of the leopard frog  
lep04004_optb.jpg (210538 bytes)

river and 1st

Lowland Leopard frog rana yavapaiensis

 eggs2005.jpg (154544 bytes)

ribit   Lowland Leopard Frog (Rana yavapaiensis) Arizona Range Map

Pam Glenn        south central 





Found in the Speedway / Houghton area - Betsy Mahaffey Thank you

Contact Dennis Caldwell with the Notch Neighborhood Project

Notch Neighborhood, the area in the mile square in the NW corner of Saguaro Nat'l Park East, and one population near Escalante between Freeman and Houghton

Southwestern Woodhouse’s Toad bufo woodhousei   - last seen 1960's ribit

African Clawed Frog xenopus laevis   ribit
Sonoran Green Toad Bufo retiformis     ribit
Burrowing Treefrog  (or Northern Casque-headed Frog) Pternohyla fodiens     ribit

Introduced species THE BAD for Tucson Basin wildlife

photo courtesy G Barnhill - 

North Central Tucson Catalina foothills

As seen here there is a lot of variation 

in coloration and marking

American Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana - widely found  


USGS  Bullfrog  data courtesy USGS.GOV

American bullfrog tadpole data



Rana_catesbeiana_tadpole - click to enlarge

Rana catesbeiana  




Tucson frog and toad images courtesy of local residents - Thank you all. 

Images of other possible visitors to a Tucson watergarden:

Images courtesy Dennis Caldwell 

raccoon.jpg (143681 bytes) muledeer.jpg (135767 bytes) bobcat.jpg (122211 bytes)

Do not forget to click on images to enlarge..


Another excellent list with great identification images- Tucson Herpetological Society List

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