Tohono Chul Park application has been approved!

Presentation ceremony was at Tohono Chul Park November 18 2005

Dedication and presentation of grant check was done at the Volunteer Appreciation Day at Tohono Chul Park November 18 2005.  A day where the Park gives recognition of all the hard work done by their volunteer members.  

The new Desert Living Courtyard  was officially opened and two of the ten different vignettes were dedicated, the Barrio Garden and Desert Wildlife Garden.  The Desert Wildlife Garden will be home to a new population of the Endangered Desert Pupfish and the Gila Top Minnow. Arizona Game and Fish will  be providing the fish to this new Safe Harbor for the two species, which should be noted both are very effective at mosquito control. 

Working with Jo Falls, Director of Public Programs, Ed Campbell, current President of The Tucson Watergardeners, was able to present a check to Joan Donnelly, Executive Director of Tohono Chul Park at the dedication ceremony.  Also present for the presentation was Carlene Huesgen, Treasurer,  and Jay Evenson, board member and chair of the Native Species Committee of The Tucson Watergardeners.

 Barrio Garden dedication tcp28opt.jpg (76239 bytes)   tcp29opt.jpg (79998 bytes)and just some of the volunteers. 

tcp31opt.jpg (87061 bytes) Desert Wildlife Garden dedication tcp33opt.jpg (89448 bytes) a few of the volunteers that were instrumental in the construction of this garden.

tcp35opt.jpg (90195 bytes) Jo Falls introducing Ed Campbell. tcp39opt.jpg (98548 bytes)Joan Donnelly with Ed Campbell

 giving a few words  

 tcp42opt.jpg (97411 bytes) Joan, Ed and Carlene Huesgen tcp47opt.jpg (107364 bytes) Official signing of papers

Please go visit the new Desert Living Courtyard at Tohono Chul Park.

tcp27opt.jpg (62113 bytes) tcp26opt.jpg (105501 bytes) tcp07opt.jpg (88182 bytes) tcp14opt.jpg (75968 bytes) tcp02opt.jpg (167852 bytes) last shot was a few weeks earlier.